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How to Quit Your Job with Class

We all experience changes throughout our personal and professional lives. Change is a good thing—it indicates we&rsqu....

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10 Common Cover Letter Mistakes that Can Hurt Your Career

Contrary to what you’ve heard or read, cover letters are still important today. They’re not necessarily esse....

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6 Ways to Stay Present at Work

Several years ago, I had a high-pressure job at a prestigious university. I had a ton of responsibilities. My normal routine c....

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How to cope with stress at work

Stress at work is one of the leading causes of people being off sick.  The majority of people experience stress at some poi....

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7 Great Pieces of Career Advice No One Ever Told You

What are a few unique pieces of career advice that nobody ever mentions? Doing Your Job Well Is Not Enough Being excellent at yo....

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Career advice for my younger self: what I wish I knew when I was 20

As a fresh-faced graduate straight out of university, the prospect of finding my dream job seemed exciting and terrifying in equal....

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How to Reschedule an Interview via Email

When you're on a diligent job search, the last thing you want to do is turn down an interview because you already have something....

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5 Things You Should Never Do at the Office

Everyone has slip-ups at work, but there are some things you should just never do at the office.These may not be firing offenses....

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