Staff Arabia on New Successful Overseas Recruitment Campaign in India

Staff Arabia on New Successful Overseas Recruitment Campaign in India


In the continues cooperation between Staff Arabia & Bonatti , A world leading contractor in the Oil & Gas/Power industry  …..A successful overseas recruitment campaigns was held in India.

Staff Arabia managed again to achieve 100% fulfillment of the required job vacancies for a large Oil & Gas project in North Africa.

From our offices in India and representatives from our main offices in Cairo the campaign started in Mumbai city and then to the city of Chennai.

Eventually the challenge was 100% completed and mission to hire the required staff in different levels, White collars, Foremen, Technicians was fulfilled

It is worth to be mentioned that Bonatti is an International Oil & Gas / Power EPC Contractor with operations and projects worldwide such as Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Italy , Kazakhstan, Mexico..…etc

India is considered one of the world’s most important and active destinations covered by Staff Arabia sourcing & recruiting qualified Staff & Personnel to our clients worldwide in different industries.

Directly after the accomplishment of the assignment our team started preparations for deployment and joining procedures while preparing for the next round of the assignment to source and recruit additional 200 positions from India for several departments and levels in the project.  


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