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Staff Arabia strives to deliver total recruitment solutions aiming to be your One Stop Shop Recruitment Partner, Our Services Umbrella was tailored to fit the most challenging needs of both Employers & Job seekers as the following

Executive Search

Executive Search Staffarabia

Executive search (headhunting) is a specialized recruitment service used to source candidates for senior, executive or other highly specialized positions in organizations.

Where every assignment is being discussed confidentially in details with our clients to assure maximum outcome of search activities according to business needs, structure, industry & culture.

Over the years our Excellent network ,reputation and method of approach has helped in placing many executives in senior positions with many of the region's most respected employers.

Recruitment & Selection

Recruitment Staffarabia

With 16 years of experience in Recruitment services in the MENA region our knowledge and experience has optimized our ability to understand our client’s requirements and deliver the best solutions.

We employ effective methods for searching, recruiting and screening candidates according to the Client's specific needs and requirements.

The candidates must pass thorough screening process before referring them to any Client to have final screening for acceptance.

Feedback and constant communication with our Clients is one of the key elements tp locate the right talent .

Overseas Recruitment

Overseas Recruitment Staffarabia

Through our Corporate head office in Cairo,Egypt . Staff Arabia along with its associate offices in the region steps in to handle all your overseas recruitment campaigns and manpower planning according to visas & nationality required also to manpower availability in required destination, realizing that you will need to coordinate with only one party instead of several, the fact that proved be much more convenient in terms of time, costs & efforts.

Main Recruitment Destinations : Egypt, Syria, Algeria, Morocco, Jordan, Lebanon, Tunisia, Romania, Turkey, Albania, Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Ghana & Kenya .

Manpower Outsourcing

Manpower Outsourcing Staffarabia

Mainly delivered to the Oil & Gas / Construction industry among others …

Staff Arabia offers solutions for all companies and organizations, in which a demand for manpower exists.

Whether it is temporary administrative staff, highly qualified engineers or Technicians required for specific project or unskilled workers for permanent employment.
we step in to support your HR department even at short notices and whenever prompt deployment is required. We ensure that the best talents are screened and recruited and that all governmental procedures and pre-deployment arrangements are arranged.

Benefits of Manpower Outsourcing :
  • Cost reduction of sourcing, selection and deployment of overall project, especially for temporary contracts.
  • Hiring manpower from an outsource company having excellent knowledge and resources for skilled & professionals manpower, can save time, efforts and cost of manpower planning and Lowering pressure on your HR department of hiring and maintaining skilled professionals even on short notice and for temporary contracts.
  • Companies can put more emphasis on their core business rather than putting efforts on manpower sourcing, selection and deployment procedures.

Payroll Services

Payroll Staffarabia

Staff Arabia provides outsourced employees backed up by comprehensive Payroll services, including calculation and payment of all Taxes, Social Insurance, Medical Coverage, Salary Slips, Allowances, Overtime, etc.

Visa processing & Deployment

Visa Processing Staffarabia
  • Staff Arabia has a Specialized and dedicated department covering all Visa Processing & Deployment related services for different countries as KSA, Kuwait & Iraq, etc…, to insure a smooth & swift process of joining and deployment of all personnel to their work stations .
  • Our Visa Processing & Deployment department beside visa stamping service provides various umbrella of services such as:
    • Attestation for degrees from Saudi Culture Attaché, Saudi Consulate & MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) among other Embassies
    • Attestation for all required documents from Saudi Consulate & MOFA for family joining process to KSA.
    • Corporate & Individual documentation & visa application Support for visit/business visa obtaining from all Saudi , Iraqi & Kuwaiti Consulate.
    • Arranging for flights booking for candidates deployment for all work destinations and countries.  
    • Arranging accommodation ,hotel bookings , transportation, escort and logistics services for inbound and outbound staff and personnel either in Egypt or in destinations & countries of operations
  • Staff Arabia provides Visa Processing & Deployment services to KSA, Iraq , Kuwait, Qatar & UAE, etc…,  from most destinations and countries of operations  :
    Egypt, Morocco, Tunis, Sudan , Lebanon , Jordan, Sri Lanka , Nepal , Uganda, Ghana


To Contact The Visa Processing & Deployment Department:

  • Email Address:
  • Landline No.:  +20 237 61 7666 | +20 237 61 6667  | Ext. 113 & 111
  • Mobile No.: +201028248988

Meeting & Interview Outsourcing

Meeting & Interview Outsourcing Staffarabia

Having a meeting in Cairo with your candidates? interviewing on your own ?

No problem, Staff Arabia provides you with interview rooms rent services with full admin & support services ( Fax ,WiFi , Printing , Reception , Coffee Break …etc ) in a corporate premises at a corporate level, for rates & reservation please feel free to be in touch with us.

Assessment Services

Assessment Staffarabia

Based on an analysis of the skills and competencies required to perform a job, we reveal information regarding qualities and attributes of the selected candidate.

Therefore, we provide the tools that guarantee not only current performance but also future performance as we are associated with certified Assessment Centers that employs a variety of multiple evaluation techniques, including but not limited to various types of job-related simulations, interviews and psychological tests and much more.

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