Global Recruitment & Manpower Mobility

StaffArabia strives to become a regional service provider for total Staffing & Multi Outsourcing Solutions. Our Services Umbrella was tailored to fit the most challenging needs of different corporates, Employers, Projects & Job seekers

Global Recruitment Services

  • In Staff Arabia's Corporate head office in Egypt along with its associate offices in the region we step in to handle all your overseas recruitment campaigns and manpower planning according to the visas & nationality required and the manpower availability in destination, realizing that you will need to coordinate with only one party instead of several. This proves to be much more convenient in terms of time, cost & effort.
  • Main Recruitment Destinations: Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Jordan, Lebanon, Algeria, Romania, Turkey, Albania, Balkan’s, Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sudan, Ghana, Uganda, and Kenya & South Africa.
  • Over the years we have supported our clients in different industries mainly within GCC & MENA region to source, recruit & deploy thousands of qualified personnel from above destinations.

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Manpower Mobility Services

  • Staff Arabia has a Specialized and dedicated department covering all Mobility, deployment & Visa Processing and related services for different countries to insure a smooth & swift process of joining and deployment of all personnel to their work stations.
  • Our umbrella of services & expertise are designed to respond effectively to most deployment challenges required by clients, work stations and projects, covering but are not limited to:
    • Attestation of degrees, documents from Embassies & Ministries of Foreign Affairs in destination country.
    • Corporate & Individual documentation & visa application Support & stamping for visit/business visa including * Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kuwait, Algeria, Libya among others.
    • Arranging cost/time saving & suitable joining/leaving routes & flights for/ from all work destinations and countries.
    • Pre-Hiring Medical checkup, Medical insurance & insurance.
    • Arranging accommodation, hotel bookings, lodging, transportation, escort and logistics services for inbound and outbound staff and personnel through all destinations & countries of operations during first joining, rotation & end of contract.
  • Staff Arabia Global Mobility & Manpower Deployment services cover most of the MENA/GCC/Africa/Asia insures a smooth & swift process of joining and deployment of all personnel to their work stations.

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  • Tel : +20 237 61 7666 | +20 237 61 6667 | Ext. 107
  • Direct : +201028248988