In Country Employer of Record (EOR/PEO)

StaffArabia strives to become a regional service provider for total Staffing & Multi Outsourcing Solutions. Our Services Umbrella was tailored to fit the most challenging needs of different corporates, Employers, Projects & Job seekers

In Country Employer of Record (EOR/PEO)

  • We provide a comprehensive EOR/PEO services with an extensive experience in HR, legal, tax, client services, and accounting. Our EOR/PEO services enables your company to expand and operate from Egypt & destinations we cover whether you have established your local entity in Egypt or not. Our local expertise will manage the whole process starting from choosing the experienced staff and finishing all their legal affairs following Egyptian labor laws, ongoing payroll, Employment contract, work permit needs, and all other paperwork you need to hire your global team.
  • By outsourcing these tasks to Staff Arabia and our established international network of experts, Your Local & Expat workforce will be 100% complied & paid on time, which gives you time to focus on your core business operations & expansion.
  • With our EOR/PEO services your company will reduce the costs of administering benefits, streamline payroll & personnel operations, and successfully expand to an international market without having to set up your own entity.
  • Our aim is to support all business owners to focus more on growth and achieve their business expansion plan and we will take care of the rest. This module will enable us to act on behalf of your company through the challenges of compliantly hiring international employees, compensating according to local laws and regulations, and should it become necessary, compliantly terminating employees to reduce all risks to minimum.

Customized Solutions for Your New Business Venture

  • We provide customized solutions that help companies to achieve their business objective affectively as well as helping them grow and move-on to a larger and better venture at lower cost, risk & competitive edge as a significant element of business success.
  • Our EOR/PEO solution is tailored to take on the challenges of getting your workers On-board, registered, paid, and when the time comes, off-boarded-ensuring tax and employment eligibility documents are completed, payroll taxes are withheld, and benefits are provided and managed.
  • While in parallel offering you the option to extend & include fully work space administration and logistics support for your team members in case you don’t have your own premises to operate from or for full offshoring purposes.

Our employer of record (EOR/PEO) service is an A-Z solution providing integrated & Hassle-Free Management of your Overseas Employees


  • Employees Registration on Staff Arabia HC and with Full Legality Compliance
  • Employee Liability Guarantee Back to Back with Clients in Alignment with Local Laws
  • Designated Full Time HR Employee / Account Manager
  • Applying client’s policy, procedures & code of ethics in alignment with local laws

Payroll :

  • Pay register Calculation as per Law
  • Bank Account Opening & Report
  • ATM
  • Pay Slips
  • Salaries Bank Transfer
  • Income tax payments & calculation

Personnel :

  • Employee Files Management
  • Registration and Deregistration’s
  • PIT Tax settlement
  • Physical & Electronic Archiving
  • Social Insurance
  • Logistics requirements
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