Staff Arabia Annual Kick Off , Celebrates the 20th Anniversary

Last week, Staff Arabia Group celebrated its 20th anniversary with a year full of achievements & significant success through all sectors & services delivered by the Group Companies .

The event took place in an informal environment at one of Cairo’s most prestigious and beautiful clubs , the day began with a meeting with the presence of the Group Managing Partners Mr. Wael Salloum & Mr. Iyad Hafez and all  team members & continued with a presentation by Mrs. Mayada Maged our Group Resourcing Manager where she presented the success stories & distinguished personnel and their achievements over the last year while Promotions & best Performers where announced and appreciated . Then the meeting then was ended with an inspiring  speech by Mr. Iyad Hafez our Managing Partner where he illustrated the Strategy and targets of Staff Arabia , expansion & achievements through the year and thanked everyone for their contribution in Staff Arabia’s Success and said “it’s my pleasure to be surrounded with brilliant, Passionate people who are experts at their craft. With global changes in our industry & business environment, we managed to realize it well in advance and adapted with these changes successfully and learned a lot together & gave an example of excellent team work”

Then, the team started the day with effective team building activities and ended the evening with a nice gathering around dinner. It was an amazing way to energizing for another year full of challenges.

Finally, Staff Arabia Group would like to take this opportunity to deeply thank all our Friends , Employees , Clients , Vendors & Associates, for their trust , we appreciate your confidence, trust & cooperation and looking forward to a prosperous year to come .

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