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KENYA operations launched

  We are pleased to announce the launching of Staff Arabia Kenya office operations.   Kenya operations are consider....

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UAE ‘to cut remaining energy subsidies’

The UAE’s energy minister has pledged to remove further subsidies on energy, including on gas and electricity, it was repo....

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Iraq oil sales at record, unaffected by Iran's return to market

Iraq’s plan to increase oil output this year will go ahead, with exports running in January at a record level and unaffect....

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أكثر من 50 وظيفة ممتازة في السعودية بأكبر المراكز الثقافية: مسارح - متاحف

أولاً / وظائـف المديرين: 1- مدير مسرح Stage Managerخبرة 10 سنوات بنفس المنصب بم....

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UAE short-term visas can be converted to residency permits without exiting country

Officials clarify that visit visa rules are unchanged and that they cannot be extended after they expire Those holding shor....

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Dubai’s Emaar Properties says ‘no material impact’ from hotel fire

Dubai's Emaar Properties on Sunday said a hotel fire should have "no material impact" on the company because the building and ri....

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Happy New Year 2016

We wish you a year full of happiness and success. ....

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المولد النبوي الشريف

كل عام وانتم بخير بمناسبة المولد النبوي الشريف....

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