How to Become a Successful Businessman

A businessman is someone who partakes in a business venture and who develops and maintains business operations. It is not uncommon for a businessman to be involved in 1 or more businesses, which may be companies, corporations and/or entrepreneurships. A successful businessman is one who oversees 1 or more successful businesses, the success often being measured in financial terms like net worth, gross capital, cultural impact and sustainability. Whatever the measure of a business's success, there is a successful businessman behind it. Follow these guidelines for how to be a successful businessman.


1- Get an education.It is important that you know the fundamentals of running a business. There are many ways to learn business principles such as marketing, management, finance and operations.
  • College. Any degree in business is a good start.
  • Trade schools. If your business specializes in a particular trade, you should know as much as you can about that trade to ensure business success.
  • Seminars. Attend seminars on business in order to learn from those who have already succeeded as businessmen.
2- Develop your interpersonal skills.Interpersonal skills relate to how you interact with people. Not only will you need these skills to manage your employees, but also to negotiate deals and contracts, communicate effectively with the public and network with other industry professionals. To be a businessman with good interpersonal skills, practice the following:
  • Make it a point to appreciate the work and input of others.
  • Practice active listening. This means acknowledging what other people say by repeating it back to them in your own words, as you understand it to be.
  • Pay attention to others. Be proactive about noticing others' feelings, words and body language.
  • Connect people. A successful businessman is a hub through which other interpersonal connections are made. Promote an environment that brings people together by treating people equally and fairly, and encouraging them to work together.
  • Take a leadership role when it comes to resolving conflicts. Act as the mediator, rather than involving yourself personally.
3- Pursue your dreams of business success with passion. It is not enough to just want to be a businessman. A passion for success is what will make you stand out from the average.
4- Hire carefully. Your employees are your support network, and are necessary to your business success. Hire only people who are skilled and competent, and be sure to consider how well your employees will mesh as a team when choosing your hires.
5- Manage your finances with your business's well being in mind. Custom suits and a large office may be tempting, but reinvesting in your business should be top priority if you aim to be a successful businessman.
6- Seek the guidance of a mentor. Choose to develop a relationship with a businessman whose career you would like to emulate. You may find this mentor through social circles or by researching businesses that you deem as successful and asking for advice.
7- Take calculated risks. You must take some chances and step outside the norm in order to become a businessman that stands out amongst competitors. This means accepting the inevitability of small failures and learning to see them as opportunities for growth. Plan your ventures carefully and hedge as much risk as you can, but be prepared for the occasional setback.

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