StaffArabia strives to become a regional service provider for total Staffing & Multi Outsourcing Solutions. Our Services Umbrella was tailored to fit the most challenging needs of varying corporates, employers, and industries.

HR Outsourcing Services

Our HR outsourcing services are customized to meet your specific needs. We handle all areas of HR management, including employee registration, payroll management, social insurance, work permits (for expats), personnel compliance and medical insurance allowing you to concentrate on what you do best.

Staff Arabia HR Outsourcing Services in Egypt

Staff Arabia HR Outsourcing Service is a comprehensive HR solution that is specially designed to address all aspects of your workforce management and make sure that your HR activities run efficiently and 100% compliant with local regulations.

with Staff Arabia's robust and efficient HR Outsourcing Services. Our solutions, encompassing Payroll and Personnel services, are specifically tailored to optimize your functions, ensuring 100% legal compliance and maximum efficiency.

Key HR Outsourcing Activities

Hiring & on/offboarding

Social Insurance

Medical Insurance

Benefits Management

Payroll Processing

Tax calculations & Payment

Authorities’ payments

HR Statutory Compliance

Why Choose Staff Arabia's HR Services?

With a substantial client base of over 150 satisfied businesses and 20+ years of experience in the HR field, you can rest assured that all activities will be executed efficiently and in full compliance with local regulations. Here's some additional information elaborating on the reasons why you should choose Staff Arabia HR Outsourcing Services:

Expertise and Customization: With Staff Arabia, you gain access to our extensive expertise in HR management. We understand that every organization has unique requirements, which is why our services are fully customizable.

Compliance Assurance: Compliance with local regulations is a critical aspect of HR management. With Staff Arabia, you can be confident that your HR activities will be 100% compliant with the applicable laws and regulations in Egypt.

Simplified HR Processes: By outsourcing your HR functions to Staff Arabia, you can streamline your HR processes and reduce administrative burdens.

Cost Savings: Outsourcing your HR functions to Staff Arabia can result in significant cost savings for your organization.

Contact us now to schedule a consultation and discover how our tailored solutions can meet your specific needs.

Staff Arabia's HR Outsourcing Clients

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