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Work Permits and Expats Management Services

Our Expat Service Management team understands the complexities involved in managing expatriate employees and is dedicated to ensuring personnel compliance every step of the way. We specialize in handling the unique requirements of expatriate personnel, including visa processing, work permits, and residency management. With our expertise, you can trust that all aspects of the expatriate employee process will be efficiently managed and compliant with regulations. Our services encompass a range of essential tasks:

  • Visas, work permits, and residency procedures: We take care of all the necessary paperwork and procedures related to obtaining visas, work permits, and managing residency requirements for expatriate employees. Our team is well-versed in the specific processes and documentation involved.
  • Complete documentation processes for foreigner work permits and licenses: We handle all the documentation requirements for foreigner work permits and licenses, ensuring that all necessary forms and paperwork are completed accurately and submitted on time.
  • Follow-up throughout the preparation process: Our team provides ongoing support and communication with expatriate employees during the preparation process. We ensure that they are guided through each step and keep them informed about the progress of their visa, work permit, and residency applications.
  • Arrangement and follow-up of security checks: As part of the compliance process, we coordinate and follow up on security checks required for expatriate employees. We ensure that all necessary steps are taken, and the appropriate documentation is provided for clearance.

Our work permit and expats management team provide all the necessary support for expatriate workers which include:

  • Helping new expats settle into Egypt with in-country orientation, airport pickups, fast-track, and accommodation.
  • Providing 24/7 health, safety, and security support.
  • Managing all aspects of expat taxation, ensuring 100% compliance with Egyptian tax laws and regulations.
  • Arranging employee insurance plans.

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