StaffArabia strives to become a regional service provider for total Staffing & Multi Outsourcing Solutions. Our Services Umbrella was tailored to fit the most challenging needs of varying corporates, employers, and industries.

Offshore & Back-office Outsourcing

What is Offshore and Back-Office Outsourcing?

Offshore and Back-Office Outsourcing, or OBO, is a combination of “offshoring” and “outsourcing” that enables companies to take advantage of both business models. This approach enables companies to offshore some of their operations to other countries while simultaneously reducing the risks and high costs associated with establishing and running an overseas entity.

Staff Arabia takes care of crucial aspects such as recruitment & deployment, office, and premises management (if needed), legalities and compliance and payroll processing allowing companies to focus on their core competencies. Our OBO services aim to help businesses grow, expand to larger ventures, and gain a competitive edge by reducing costs.

Benefits of Offshore Outsourcing :
  • Significant cost reduction
  • Maintain quality of service
  • Access to skilled resources
  • Faster & Easier Deployment
  • Substantial cash reserved
  • Increase work efficiency
  • Save on infrastructure & technology
  • Manpower flexibility & Cultural Compatibility
  • Reduce risk & operation cost
Example of Functions that could be Offshored/ Outsourced :
Why Choose Egypt?

Egypt has emerged as a leading destination for offshore and outsourcing services due to several key advantages:

  • Strong and diverse education and training level.
  • Vast availability of trained and experienced manpower across different industries.
  • Competitive manpower costs compared to other countries.
  • Fluency in English, Arabic, and other languages.
  • A high percentage of youth and a population of over 120 million.
  • Well-developed infrastructure and cost-competitive corporate offices.
  • Easy visa access for management visits.
  • Time zone friendly, with a GMT+2 time zone.
Offshore and Back-Office Outsourcing Scope of Service

Our inclusive OBO services include but not limited to; space work administration and logistics support, local sourcing & recruitment services, legal & compliance, payroll & personnel processing, you only need maintaining all day-to-day control & supervision of your virtual international team members.

Feel free to be in touch with us to discuss in detail your plans and requirements and how could our services & partnership be of strategic benefit to your company.

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