StaffArabia strives to become a regional service provider for total Staffing & Multi Outsourcing Solutions. Our Services Umbrella was tailored to fit the most challenging needs of varying corporates, employers, and industries.

Manpower Mobility

Leading Manpower Mobility Service, Connecting Talent Worldwide

We provide hassle-free management and facilitation of employee mobility within an organization or between different locations. Our services focus on supporting the smooth transition of employees, whether it's for short-term assignments, long-term relocations, or international transfers. Manpower mobility services ensure that employees have the necessary support, resources, and guidance to navigate the complexities of relocating for work purposes.

Key Activities of our Manpower Mobility and Visa Processing Services

Staff Arabia Manpower Mobility and Visa Processing Services cover most of the MENA/GCC/Africa/Asia insures a smooth & swift process of joining and deployment of all personnel to their workstations. Our key activities include:

Attestation & Stamping: Support employees in attestation and stamping the needed documents for relocation from Embassies & Ministries of Foreign Affairs in destination country.

Relocation Assistance: Relocation Assistance: Providing employees with support in finding suitable housing, arranging transportation, and managing logistics related to their move.

Visa and Work Permit Management: Assisting employees with obtaining the necessary visas and work permits required for their new location. This involves liaising with immigration authorities, preparing documentation, and guiding employees through the application process.

Family Support: Extending assistance and resources to employees' families during the relocation process.

Ongoing Support: Offering ongoing support to employees throughout their assignment or relocation, including access to a dedicated point of contact for any questions, concerns, or issues that may arise.

Manpower Mobility Service Clients

Staff Arabia has served a diverse range of clients across various industries. We cater to organizations of all sizes, providing Manpower Mobility solutions that meet their unique requirements.

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