Stay Focused & Stay Positive

Stay Focused & Stay Positive


If you want to know how to stay motivated for longer periods, this article is just right for you! It is not only helpful to know methods that motivate you, but also to know some tricks that allow you to remain motivated in the long term, thereby allowing you to be positive and to stay focused on your goals and objectives.

#1 Focus on this moment

Don’t let yourself get in a bad mood and procrastinated by shocking news about murder, terror and similar chaos that is being spread by the media. This will not only demotivate you but it can also cause depressive feelings. Try to stay positive by creating exciting aims and objectives that you aim to reach in the future. This moment is the most precious thing you have. You cannot change the the past, but you can always change your future, by making the most out of this moment. Don’t allow this chance to pass by – focus on this moment, make the best out of it, instead of trying to distract yourself with TV, video games, etc.

#2 Set yourself exciting goals

 Without a real goal, life can become really unfocused and pointless. Without aims and dreams you have nothing really exciting to do, no task or anything that motivates you and gets you going.Change that, by thinking about some goals that really excite you. Objectives that inspire you so much that you begin to see how much of an impact you can make, maybe even to the benefit of other people’s life.1

#3 Forget about the past

It is not only demotivational to blame yourself for perceived mistakes that were being committed in the past, but it is also unnecessary. You need to become aware that these mistakes allow you to gain helpful experiences in order to avoid similar mistakes in the future. Accept the past and the committed mistakes as immutable in order to avoid a negative influence on your attempts to stay positive. Start to create new opportunities that allow you to change your current situation and focus on the future, not on the past.

#4 The impact of positive people

I’m sure you might have noticed the influence of a person with a positive attitude on your life.  Not only will it help you to stay in a good mood, but being surrounded by optimistic people will also help you to become optimistic and happy. Try to find ways that enable you to connect with motivated and positive people. People that forge ahead and approach each day with excitement, optimism and motivation. Such a connection to a motivated person will inspire you and lift you up in your mood.

#5 Energizing and enjoyable activities

Another tip to stay positive is to include AT LEAST one enjoyable and fun activity into your daily lifestyle. I am sure you have a certain hobby or spare time activity that fills your soul and lets you recharge your batteries to pursue your visions and dreams with enthusiasm and fun. It would be even better if you could include such an activity in your daily routine before you start working. Let’s say you listen to your favorite music while you go to work. This will not only lift your mood to a higher level, but also motivate and energize you to forge ahead. Another activity that allows you to stay positive could be regular exercising. Furthermore, scientists have proven that regular exercise allows you to reduce stress and lets you be more pertinacious during stressful periods.

#6 A new perspective

Change your mindset, perspective and point of view if you suffered from pessimistic thoughts in the past. The power of positive thinking can have a huge influence on your life, if you are willing to view your life from a different (more positive) perspective (How to develop a positive attitude). It can be extraordinary exciting when embracing a positive mindset that you might not have applied before into your life. Furthermore, it is very important to avoid negative thoughts and a focus on negative aspects in your life. This will only let you feel demotivated and feebly.