New Year .... New Goals

It is that time of year again!   A time of year when people make their declarations to change something they are doing, be something different, or to go get something they have always wanted!   Which is it for you?  Maybe you don’t even bother!   

You know, I am a big fan of goals, but declarations and resolutions – the fact is 30, 60 or for a few 90 days from now, very few if any are still on track.   Why is this?   Resolutions in my own opinion are driven by societal norms, beliefs and should do’s…   Time and time again, the most popular resolutions are lose weight, or get in shape/exercise.   Let me ask, how often do you hear a New Year’s Resolution to increase your sales by 60% over the next 12 months?

Want to have some fun?   Ask those around you if they have set a resolution, and second what the resolution will do for them.   Most will simply restate the resolution. I want to lose weight!   This is all well and good, yet there is a reason behind the resolution.   That is, beyond the action you are doing to create your resolution, there has to be something you will personally gain. Most resolutions fail, as they either do not address true personal desire or need on a daily basis, or simply there is an easier way to get that desire or need.

Take for example, exercise to feel more confident in self, yet you find confidence through your work.   Will you take time away from your work, which is already giving you confidence – to exercise?   If you do not feel confident doing it, NO!

Want to set Resolutions that stick, make it a goal, and address it this way!

  1. Decide what you want, and set a goal to get this for yourself.   State it as if now, written as follows;   It is now (insert date), and I have (insert goal).
  2. Identify what you personally will get from attaining this goal – beyond the goal!   Acknowledge this as you are taking action each day.
  3. Start taking action on it, and notice how you feel when you do.   Commit time each day, and stay focused on what you want.