Is your job making you sick ? ( ask yourself those 5 questions )

Is your job making you sick ? ( ask yourself those 5 questions )

If you think that the professional life is supposed to be only practical and not enjoyable and that most people are unhappy about their jobs anyways, you are definitely wrong, feeling depressed at work is a thing and it could affect your health and your happiness.

So ask yourself the following questions and think thoroughly about the their answers :

1. What’s happening outside of work?

You need to check 1st your personal life, has it been traumatized by a sad event lately, like a break up or a sudden loss of a family member, this might affect your professional life as well and make the long working hours harder to spend.

2. Are you depressed when you aren’t at work?

Do you feel much better and brighter during the weekends, and then get back to the dark mood just before starting your business days?  This could be an indicator that your job is causing you depression.

3. Do you get along with co-workers?

We spend a lot of time at work every week that makes it essential for our emotional stability to get along with our co-workers. One co-worker/supervisor in your work space who is not being nice to you can make you feel depressed about your whole job even if you love what you do.

4. Do you like what you are doing?

If you generally love your job but there is something in particular bothering you about it, try actively to change it, if you can't and it is starting to cause you loss of passion, change your job at the soonest. The key to find joy in what you are doing is to see the results of work first hand.

5. Does the idea of a new job improve your mood?

You need to take several moments to think carefully about the answer of this question, and if after a lot of thinking your answer is yes, then don't waste your precious time being unhappy, it is time to change your job and start fresh.


Source : Mind Journal