Do you ever think that after 10 years from now many of the traditional and common jobs won’t be available for humans?

The world around us is evolving at tremendous speed, and we are not going to exaggerate if saying that the future is only for the technological fields.

These fields require a whole different set of skills and mentality than we have nowadays.

Here are the highest and in-demand three fields:

  1. Web Development: There will be a high demand for developers and programmers

Make sure to be sufficiently knowledgeable of JAVA, Python, and other web development and programming languages.

Remember, there is always a way for learning anything you want, here are some of the free resources that will enable you to learn web development:



  1. Digital Marketing: Marketing is one of the main foundations in any business field;

It is a fundamental activity when doing business and growing a brand. If no one knows about your products or services, no one can buy what you offer. It also has the power of building or ruining the business reputation.

The massive expansion of technology channels made digital marketing one of the top jobs around the world. Most of the business owners, if not all of them, are keen on hiring highly qualified and experienced marketing experts.

Here are free resources that will enable you to enhance your skills in the marketing filed





  1. Data Analysis: Data analysis is a growing field with lucrative opportunities; it presents highly complex data in a simplified and easy manner, which helps us understand situations, solving problems, and take the best course of action.

To be able to work as a data analyst, there are some important skills you should have:

- Critical thinking while solving a problem; there are many things not important and you shouldn’t focus on them, these things might distract you. So critical thinking is important to focus only on what matters.

- Excellence in using Excel: despite there are many additional tools that are much more advanced than Excel for data analysis, Excel is the most widely used. In addition, it’s an easy tool, a more familiar and money-saving tool for data analysis.

Here are free resources that will enrich your information and skills in data analysis.