How to pass your Online interview like a BOSS

How to pass your Online interview like a BOSS

Due to the covid-19 virus which engulfed it has changed our behaviors, habits, and working
rules around the world. Most companies have tended to work their employees from home,
full or part-time, and all interviews are also held electronically on zoom, Microsoft teams,
and other online meeting applications.
Here we will tell you how to be prepared for your online interview and nail it to get your job.
Before the interview: Don’t think that because your interview is online that you don’t
need to prepare as same as if it is face to face interview, be sure that the interviewer will be
so much focused maybe for than the normal interviews to see how much you take this
interview seriously and how much you’re responsible.

1- Dress very well: The interviewer will focus on every detail and when he sees you well
dressed That's going to make a good impression on you, and you are not a lazy person and
taking care of the details and taking every single detail in consideration even if it's not to be

2- Check the company profile on linked and its website: it is very important to know
everything about the company its vision, mission, services, previous work, and its clients.
This way you will be able to answer all the questions confidently and you won’t hesitate, also
you will know very well how to speak about your experience, skills, and abilities In a way
that will serve the company's requirements.

3- Carefully review all your career experience: Talk about all your previous experience
effectively, in a way that makes these experiences so useful and goes on with the job you
applied for, also don’t forget to check the answers to the popular interview questions (e.g.
Where do you see yourself after 5 years from now? Or Tell an embarrassing situation you
have faced in the work and how did you deal with it?) you don’t have to be questioned these
questions, but to be prepared for everything so if the interviewer asked you anything you
won’t hesitate and you will answer fast and with confidence.

The day of the interview: there are some things you have to check before your online
interview starts To avoid any problems or misperceptions.

1- check the internet connection: disable the internet connection from all the devices
except your laptop, good connection is very important during the interview because you
need to be heard and seen well, interruption will make you distracted, and once the
distraction you will lose your ideas and your focus which it isn’t good in the interview.

2- Take care about your background: your background should be suitable for an interview,
choose to be a unicolor wall, your library, and avoid beds and open cupboards.

3- Test your devices: you have to check that your laptop is working perfectly and there are
no updates, also check the application of the interview, set all the settings, and make sure
that you know how to use this application. To be secured, install the application on your
mobile phone, so if there is any interruption there will be another choice easily.