How to get hands on experience with work stress

How to get  hands on experience with work stress

Could you work under stress?

It’s one of the interviews questions that almost all the interviewers ask the candidates, even though it is not normal for the work environment to be always full of stress and pressure, also this question is a good reason enough to make the candidates give up on this job, especially with the radical change in young people's mindsets and the realization that the work environment and psychological comfort are as important as the financial part. 

Let’s agree that all jobs go through hard, stressful times and this is completely normal, but these pressures affect staff negatively, although the power of influence varies from person to person, it certainly affects the quality of the work and the ability to gain experience from it.


In this article we will lead you to the best ways to handle work stress and gain the most experience: 

  • List your tasks: At the beginning of your working day, list your tasks, but keep in mind that you should list hard tasks with simple ones, tasks that can be made easily and in a very short time, and another that may take some time from you, this way you will feel that you have done many things, these achievements will reduce your worries and workload. Try this free tool Google Keep to make your working day go more easily.
  • Short Breaks will save your mind: Taking short breaks while working to time may be the reason for the serenity of your mind, that way you will be able to keep thinking and working on your tasks, which will make them done faster and not feel like a strain or a burden on you.
  • Don’t be shy to ask for help from your Manager/Team Leader: Discuss your workload with your manager, tell him/ her what is going on in your mind, how do you think and what is your action plan, This discussion is going to clarify a lot of things, and it's going to make many of the tasks you've been seeing complicated, started to be simple, and it can be done in a little bit of intelligence.
  • Use your days off to the maximum: Your days off are the only way to keep a healthy mind that can think, analyze and execute the plans in an accurate way, hang up your phone, stay away from anything related to work, just relax hang out and try to have as clear a mind as possible. 
  • You may be surprised by what I’m saying but yes STOP drinking caffeine during stressful times: Avoid drinking coffee, tea, and other stimulants that you take in a lot during your working day, this reflects on you negatively, contrary to what you think, which happens that dopamine rises in the brain, so the focus is low and stress increases.
  • A healthy work environment is everything: Creating a pleasant and flexible work environment is one of the most important things to ease work pressures and make the day go smoothly and create a general atmosphere of calm through which we can do everyday tasks easily. 

In this way, the pressure of temporary work on you will be reflected positively. Your work and the tasks required of you will be carried out in the highest quality. You will gain the most experience and all the tasks that you have done smoothly without adversely affecting your mental or psychological health.

Dear employee, please keep in mind that always your mental and psychological health is always more important than everything, money can be replaced always but your mental health can’t.