5 ways to keep your virtual team Engaged

5 ways to keep your virtual team Engaged

As remote work has become prevalent in this era, beginning in 2020, and companies benefit from this type of work as they save cost, resources, and effort, so remote work will only continue to grow.

But as remote work has many pros, it also, like anything in our lives, has cons, and one of the most serious of these cons could be the lack of employee interaction or their association and communication with each other.


In this article, we will tell you 5 important tips/activities to make your employees more engaged while working remotely:

Connecting through technology is a must: to increase seamless work efforts between all team members you must have a clear strategy for working remotely, the most important of which is that all employees must be connected through technology This will happen by downloading the right applications like zoom, slack …etc, for the sake of streamlining the connection, managing tasks, projects, and sharing files to increase seamless work efforts between all team members and make them feel they are helping and engaged not everyone in a separate environment. Make sure that all meetings are “Video Meetings” so, that the employees will have to prepare for the meeting as if they are in the office, which will stimulate their activity, and discussions will be open for many topics between the employees that pertain to work and sometimes outside the scope of work, which is what is required.


Taking care of your employees really matters:

Attention to building meaningful relationships outside work boundaries enhances the quality of work and maintains the mental health of employees. Make sure your employees feel that you care about their social life and not your only concern is work. Give them permission to balance work and social life and set specific working hours for them. Always remember that REMOTE working does not mean more working hours.


It’s always healthy to have some fun: Fun within the confines of work is something that employees usually prefer, and now there are many applications that provide games and activities that help interconnection between employees and cooperation among them in a fun way, and at the same time each employee gains something in the end from this aspect. One of the most famous of these apps is "spaceteam", "Psych", and "Two Truths and a Lie".


Discipline is a prime factor to make work: Remote work has many distractions that sometimes the employee will not be able to control. As an employer, you also have the right to maintain the achievement of your business goals, and this will happen by setting some controls, the beginning of which is to define the goals and mission of each employee clearly and specifically. Then set measurable KPIs so that you can determine whether this employee is doing his job to the fullest or not. 


Always listen to your employees: Show interest in the problems they face, whether at work or with co-workers, and solve them as much as possible

Give them notes that help them improve work performance and appreciate the employees who do their work to the fullest. Appreciation is the most important thing when it is in the workplace. The employee becomes his first and last affiliation with this place.