Have you ever thought of the importance of professional LinkedIn profile?

Have you ever thought of the importance of professional LinkedIn profile?

Most people tend to think that LinkedIn will not help them in finding their dream job and that it’s just like other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram but in fact, it is not like them at all.

You have a great chance to get connected with other experts in your area via LinkedIn. Additionally, the sooner you begin networking, the better off you'll be in the long run. Whether or whether you are currently employed, you may utilize your network of contacts to your advantage if you are seeking for an additional job.

A professional written LinkedIn profile will give you credibility and will establish you as a trustworthy potential employee, follow these steps to build a professional account:

Steps for creating a professional account:

  • Upload your profile picture: Your profile image should represent you and have your face occupying around 60% of the picture.
  • Add your pronouns: Pronouns are an essential factor in the ecology of remote and face-to-face work, so by including them up front, you may prevent any confusion later.
  • Create a great headline: Your title can also help increase the impact of your profile. Although this short description is often used for job titles.
  • Tell your story: your LinkedIn summary allows you to say whatever you want. And while some professionals only use it as a way to list their recent job titles or most valuable skills.
  • Highlight Your Skills: It makes it easy for you to be found and select skills that match your experience and expertise.
  • Sharing relevant content: Share content such as thought leadership posts you created yourself or those of industry influencers as part of your profile page.
  • Go public: connections and recruiters will find you easily.
  • Follow your interests: people who share similar interests are worth finding and following. Even if they don't directly relate to your position or future roles, cultivating a broad base of interests can help increase the impact of your profile. 
  • Customize your invites: you need to create a personalized invitation that provides a snapshot of your profile highlights - who you are, what you do and why it matters.

    Having a polished and well-written LinkedIn profile has several advantages. You may expand and share your expertise, interact with other professionals who share your interests, and all of this is free. The platform offers business and employment prospects and supports you in the best way to get the job you want with the least amount of work. To take advantage of all these options, you must have a LinkedIn profile that is optimized and active.

    Don't forget to expand your network, follow business pages, and join trade organizations to broaden the exposure and audience of your profile.