4 Techniques to Make a Good Impression During the Interview

4 Techniques to Make a Good Impression During the Interview

Whether it is a meeting with a potential client or a personal interview, you need to adopt the self-selling technique as it gives you the edge over your competitors and the chance to make an impression.

In this article we will tell you how to master this technique in some simple yet important to practice steps :

  • Dress to impress :

Even if your interviewer told you that the appointment will be just a casual chitchat and that he doesn't care what you wear, believe me he do ! so choose to be elegant and dress up in a formal way. Sometimes the appearance is the hidden requirement in the job offer !

  • Speak up and make yourself heard :

Listen well to the interviewer questions, take a moment to process them, choose your words wisely and then answer in your clear confident voice.

when you get to talk about your skills and experience, be specific and choose the ones that are strongly related to the industry you are applying for, Tell stories about your related achievements to show that you have the right background and experience and how efficient  you will get the job done !

  • Body language can say it all :

Your body language is a mirror of your attitude, it can easily show if you are nervous or unfocused, as well it can show confidence and reliability, so sit up straight in your chair, use hand gestures to express yourself, maintain eye contact and remember to smile !