7 Steps to Keep your Productivity Up during Ramadan

7 Steps to Keep your Productivity Up during Ramadan

As we are welcoming the first day of the holy month of Ramadan, most people during the month struggle with their lack of caffeine and sleep because of the limited time between Suhor and Iftar, and sometimes can't even be productive during the day. Here are some tips to help you be more productive during festing.

1- You need to start planning your day a head, planning your tasks ahead will help you stay organized and focus on work itself. Try to break down big tasks into smaller one to move through things faster.

2- Lack of sleeping during Ramadan is the main thing we all suffer from. Try one of these two steps, either to eat Suhor early or to sleep and wake up for Suhor then get back to sleep. Also, try to take a nap during the day to get enough sleep. Adjust your sleeping hours to be more productive.

3- as much as you can, eat healthy food and avoid caffeine. It is better to eat food that are high in fiber during Suhor such as Bananas and apples, Whole-Wheat bread, Potato and broccoli, and Avocado as fibers are indigestible so they will keep you feel full for longer time.

As for caffeine, it sounds hard but drinking caffeine after Iftar will keep you alert and affect your sleeping hours.

4- Try taking a 5-minute break, if you feel sleepy or can't focus. It helps to calm your self down especially if you have a lack of caffeine headache.

5- Staying hydrated is very vital during feast time. Try to eat more fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes, Cucumbers or watermelon. As they are reach in water and fiber. Keep having 8 glasses of water every day during Iftar hours.

6- Stay away from heat. Try to avoid sitting in hot places as it will make you thirsty during fasting. Always keep yourself cool by using AC or sitting near a window with fresh air.

7- Don't overload your stomach, this will cause a digestive problem and make your feel sick during fasting times.

To remember all of this, simply plan ahead, eat healthy, stay hydrated, take breaks, and have enough sleeping hours.

Ramadan Kareem