Our client is a global leading EPC Contractor with subsea, onshore/offshore and surface projects worldwide. With proprietary technologies and production systems, integrated expertise, and comprehensive solutions is looking for experienced Caliber to fulfill the following position to work in its new project in Egypt:


* Main Job Requirements:

  • Bachelor degree.
  • Minimum 5 years of experience in Oil & Gas construction projects.
  • Supervisory and/or project management experience.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • Egyptian Nationality


*Main Job Responsibilities *

* Machinery Supervisor / QC is responsible to supervise the following subcontractors activities:

- Compressor & ancillary equipment's orientation, Compressor anchor bolts size type & tightening; Compressor elevation & levelling & Compressor alignments.

- Turbogroup turbine/exp. joints/surf. Tightening; Turbogroup alignments & Turbogroup flange parallelism.

- L.O. & S.O. systems console levelling; L.O. & S.O. systems pump & driver levelling; L.O. & S.O. systems pump & drivel alignment & L.O. & S.O. systems tank installation/elevation.

- Accessory installation, Coupling installation & Suction strainer installation.

- Auxiliary circuits flushing & Lube/seal oil flushing.

- Seal/bearing installation.

- Oil filling & Oil system test.

- Free rotation by hand & Direction of rotation.

- Guard and accessories.

- Tightness test; No load run; Purging; Run in & Vibration check.

- Compressor: crank shaft deflections.

- Cylinder: installation & Cylinder: support anchor bolts size, type & tightening.

- Accessory installation (pulsation dampeners & auxiliary piping) & Accessory anchor bolts size, type & tightening.

- Compressor internals: crank shaft axial displacement; Compressor internals: cross head clearances & Compressor internals: piston run out & clearances.

 Ensure all in-field activities are carried out safely complying with company environmental Health and Safety (HSE) guidelines and procedures.

* Write accurate professional reports acting interface between subcontractors and machinery superintendent concerning technical issues.

* Good knowledge on rotating equipment installation; philosophy of Gas Turbines OR Centrifugal Compressors, OR Reciprocating Compressors, OR Steam Turbines and their auxiliaries (lube oil system, fuel gas system, seal gas system, steam system etc)

* Assist Start-up Engineer during the commissioning phase ensuring proper and safe operation of the machine.

* Implement the Field Quality Control Plan/Procedures and construction specification for construction activities.

* Support the Quality Control Manager (QCM) in performing the quality control activities in light of:

- Analysis and report the Quality Control results.

- Ensure timely resolution of any QC problems encountered during construction.

- Implement the “Field Non-Conformities Management Procedures”.