CEO / Syria

Our client , An International NGO with offices in 30 countries around the globe operating mainly in environment, health, education, architecture, culture, Micro-finance, rural development, disaster reduction, the promotion of private-sector enterprise and the revitalization of historic cities. 
Our client is seeking for Syrian Professional to fill the following challenging position to be based in Damascus-Syria for it’s Micro-finance operation:

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

The incumbent of the position is responsible for the following:

  1. To lead, to manage and to implement a strategic development of the entity as an effective microfinance institution/bank focused on poverty alleviation and provision of financial services and products. As an experienced team leader, the CEO will develop and manage a sustainable institution with a well-balanced portfolio; broad geographical and product outreach and maximum impact. 
  2. Develop a solid strategic business plan to advance the institution's mission and vision, in link with the head-office objectives; as well as to promote sustainability and growth as an organization. 
  3. Holding overall responsibility for the performance of the institution, as per the business plan and benchmarks. Promptly developing and recommending corrective action plans in case of adverse developments. Supervise, co-ordinate, implement, expand and consolidate the existing operations. This would also require evolving new products and methodologies relating to group and community based loans. 
  4. Holding responsibility for ensuring the efficient and sound management of the financial resources of the institution and for the management of the risks related to the business. In this context, ensuring the high quality of the portfolio, the sustained monitoring of the portfolio performance, and the active enforcement of recovery policies. 
  5. Capacity building of a core group of local professionals, capable of staffing, training and developing all managerial positions in the medium term without recourse to expatriate management or technical assistance. The CEO must be able to create and implement change management strategies and plans that will maximize the employee management and will minimize the employee resistance. He/she must be able to adopt, to attain and to utilize proficiency on all changes which are affecting the employees in the company to achieve the business results. 
  6. Implement high standards of internal control and procedures in order to safeguard the institution's operations, assets and data; as well as ensuring governance related to the country regulation. 
  7. Linking with other partners and donors to leverage existing investment in the institution. In particular preparing, submitting and procuring donor funding for expansion of activities. 

Successful Candidates should have: 

  • Hold a degree from a leading university, preferably with a finance or business focus. 
  • Have a minimum of 15 years of professional experience within banking/finance, of which a minimum of 5 years at senior management, Chief Executive Officer or Chief Operations Officer level would be a strong asset. 
  • Demonstrate exceptional management and leadership skills, and an ability to work under pressure to complete multiple tasks and meet deadlines. 
  • Quick decision-making abilities, communication skills 
  • Have experience working within developing countries and specifically in the region with a strong interest in development and social issues. 
  • The incumbent should possess excellent communication skills in English. Fluency in Arabic would be highly desirable. 
  • Multiple skills and capacities to contribute at the different functional levels within the organizational structure of the program. 
  • Should hold Syrian nationality