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Tech Lead

We are hiring.

Position Required: Tech Lead 

Work Location: Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt





* 15+ years of experience with minimum 10 years in Data Management field


Overall good understanding of DWH concepts and Teradata best practices.


* Deep understanding of DWH multi-layering concept.


* Deep understanding of different DWH modeling and design concepts (Normalized, Start Schema,..etc)


* Well understanding of data testing techniques and methodologies.


* Deep understanding of Teradata – able to apply DI principles levering Teradata parallel processing.


* Deep understanding of ETL Tools (Informatica is an advantage).


* Deep understanding of BI Tools (MicroStrategy and BO is an advantage).


* Deep understanding of SQL Scripting, and Queries Performance Tunning. 



Job Responsibilities:


* Close cooperation and coordination with PM to align the technical tasks timelines & priorities.


* Close cooperation and coordination with other streams leads (Informatica Lead, BI Lead, Data Modelers)


* Coordination of technical tasks among the teams, resolving dependencies, maintaining/preparing “backlog” to avoid idle time (joint responsibility with PM, Tech Lead addressing especially technical aspects of the coordination)


* Technical Project Governance (leading and guiding other teams) to ensure adherence between solution design and implementation. 


* Communication with the client (jointly and/or aligned with PM)


* Leading technical discussions and find solutions in case of new requirements.


* Addressing road blocks


* conflicts and if necessary TL will need to deescalate situations. 


* Project Scope management (jointly with PM)


* Assuring TD delivers agreed scope


* Addressing out of scope requests (internally with PM, externally with Customer)


* Actively participating in change order creation