Web Developer

Our Client is a well-known diversified group operating in different fields; it has carved a desirable reputation in the region that manages a portfolio of prominent companies that offer high-quality products and exceptional services to the people, businesses and the State of Qatar.

Our Client is now hiring the following position: 

( for ONLY “Tunisian” and “Moroccan” candidates due to the working visa status)

Web Developer
Reporting to: Media and Marketing Manager

-Job Description: 

Design web pages, sites or applications, layout and coding of a web and also be involved with the maintenance and update of an existing site such as writing programming Code, graphics, test the website and identify any technical problem.

-Job Responsibilities: 

  • Create the technical aspects of websites.
  • Support existing infrastructure.
  • Develop new technologies.
  • Determine site's users.
  • Develop graphic design.
  • Confer with the concerned departments to discuss ideas for the layout, colors, and organization of the site.
  • Collect text documents and images.
  • Oversee production and implementation.
  • Add HTML extensions such as animations and surveys.
  • Organize content.
  • Use web development software to integrate databases and other information systems.
  • Create pages that appeal to the tastes of the site’s users.
  • Maintain existing web applications.
  • Test web applications units and systems.
  • Design and implement user-driven templates, databases and interfaces.
  • Develop external web portals.
  • Build applications and services for the Web.
  • Test applications on various browsers and modify if necessary.
  • Architect websites, design data-driven applications, and find efficient client-server solutions
  • Fix Technical Problems
  • Change applications according to new specifications
  • Attend meetings and workshops

-Qualifications & Skills: 

  • University Degree is a Must
  • Experience: Three (3) years in the same field
  • Knowledge of web development
  • Ability to utilize SQL technologies
  • Good graphics skills
  • Verbal and written communication skills
  • Strong problem solving skills
  • Be flexible and proficient
  • Familiarity with web development regulations
  • Be able to meet deadline
  • Manage projects
  • Good organizational skills
  • Good people skill
  • Be innovative and reliable