Staff Arabia is launching a new Service in Response to the pandemic

Staff Arabia is launching a new Service in Response to the pandemic

The biggest legacy of the current pandemic maybe remote work. Working from a business location became less important recently especially for the back office employees while working remotely does not seem to hurt productivity. Add to this the cost savings remote work can offer to businesses.

Many of today’s Global & Regional companies are tending to offshore & outsource parts of their operations, where Back-office & other functions are outsourced to Lower-Cost countries in collaboration with consultants & Experts like Staff Arabia, where reliable resources and a competitive cost can be found to perform the required activities to achieve business & corporate objectives. In response to these changes, we have launched our new offshore back-office outsourcing service that will reduce 50-70% of your back-office operation cost.

Our solution is tailored for Companies who are offshoring some of their operations to other countries while in parallel to reduce the risks & high costs of establishing & running an overseas entity, wages, office & premises management, legalities & compliance, recruitment & turnover management …etc as all such are taken care off by Staff Arabia.

What benefits could be gained from our service?

Offshore Back-office outsourcing (OBO) is a combination of “offshoring” and “outsourcing” that would enable you to take advantages of both. Businesses will benefit from the following:

  • Significant cost reduction
  • Maintain quality of service
  • Access to skilled resources
  • Faster & Easier Deployment
  • Substantial cash reserved
  • Increase work efficiency
  • Save on infrastructure & technology
  • Manpower flexibility & Cultural Compatibility
  • Reduce risk & operation cost

Why Egypt is the perfect back-office location?

Throughout the last decade, Egypt has become the main destination for the offshoring/outsourcing business attracting diversified & multinational companies in different industries with the following advantages:

  • Strong & diverse Education & Training level
  • The vast availability of trained & experienced manpower in different industries
  • Very competitive Manpower Costs
  • English/Arabic Fluency & other languages
  • The high percentage of Youth & manpower of 100M Population
  • Well Developed infrastructure
  • Corporate Offices/Space at a competitive cost
  • Easy visa access for management visits
  • Friendly Time Zone (2+ GMT)

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