How Offshore and Back Office Outsourcing Can Boost Your Business?

How Offshore and Back Office Outsourcing Can Boost Your Business?

A decade ago, offshore back-office is still an unfamiliar concept to the majority of businesses around the world. Companies got used to housing almost all of their operations and managing them in one office.

Especially with the recent pandemic, offshore back-office support has become mandatory. This became one of their efficient ways to cut costs while maintaining their businesses afloat. Regardless if you intend to save on resources or grow your market, an offshore back office can help you improve and adapt to the times. An offshore back-office team enables you to save on costs in labor and resources. You don’t need to hire an in-house team and spend on additional office space and equipment. Instead, you can have a remote team that can be an extension of your current in-house team.

Benefits of offshore & back office outsourcing

Offshore & back office outsourcing enable the organization to focus its resources on revenue generation and growth while leaving your back office functions to be delivered by your remote team with up to 70% less of the actual cost.  Your back-office team can work on all the non-client facing functions in a way that assures task efficiency and quality. They serve as the backbone of a company and will help the business grow by ensuring that its operation functions efficiently and without interruption.

Other Benefits

  • Significant cost reduction
  •  Maintain quality of service
  •  Access to skilled resources
  •  Faster & Easier Deployment
  •  Substantial cash reserved
  •  Increase work efficiency
  •  Save on infrastructure & technology
  •  Manpower flexibility & Cultural Compatibility
  •  Reduce risk & operation cost

Top back-office roles you can delegate to offshore

Back office support refers to roles that do not necessarily relate to customer support. Though, these are crucial in making sure the entire operations run smoothly. Unlike the front office, the back office does not require interaction with external clients of a business. They focus more on administrative and logistic tasks such as: 

  • Accounting & Finance  
  • Data Entry and Transcription
  • Human Resources
  • Creatives & Graphic Design
  • Social Media & Digital Marketing
  • Translation Services
  • IT support

How You Can Establish Your Back Office in Egypt without a local Entity?

Many of today’s Global & Regional companies are targeting offshore & outsource parts of their operations, where Back-office & other functions are outsourced to Lower-Cost countries such as Egypt in collaboration with consultants & Experts like Staff Arabia, where reliable resources, skilled labor and competitive cost can be found to perform the required activities to achieve business & corporate objectives.

Staff Arabia offers integrated offshore & back-office outsourcing service (OBO) which is tailored for companies offshoring some of their operations to other countries while in parallel reducing the risks & high costs of establishing & running an overseas entity, wages, office & premises management, legalities & compliance, recruitment & turnover management …etc as all such are taken care off by Staff Arabia and You ONLY need to maintaining all day-to-day control & supervision of your back-office team members.

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