6 Reasons to hire a professional Recruiter

6 Reasons to hire a professional Recruiter

The cost of selecting the wrong person can run into hundreds or maybe thousands of dollars, and bad hires can even negatively affect a company’s morale and productivity. At the same time, many hiring managers struggle with the recruiting process, which means bad hires are prone to continue.

Bringing a recruiter on board, whether that means hiring an in-house recruiter or partnering with a HR service provider, can be a game changer !

what kind of benefits could you gain ?

1- Recruiters save countless hours

They are experts in screening resumes and can filter hundreds of applications in less time.

2- Reduce your turn over

Recruiters are trained in the art of hiring, you will receive a properly vetted, more qualified, and better fitting employee than searching on your own which will save you money in the long run.

3- Recruiters have existing networks

All of their time is spent on figuring out how to find, retain, and attract the best talent on the market. As a result, Professional recruiters are often times very well-connected.

4- Understand the market

Because of their extended experience, they know what an ideal hire looks like. In addition, it will help them define the scope of the position, determine the best culture fit, and set realistic expectations in regard to salary, level of experience, and availability of the candidate in the market.

5- Know how to communicate with candidates

Spending all day talking to candidates will help them detect the red flags and ask the right questions during the initial interviews.

6- Experts on talent markets

Most companies only post their vacancies on their website, but recruiters know where to resource whether online or offline, they are familiar with variable talent pools.